Sunday, February 19, 2012

Transferring music to SD card on Galaxy Note (or Android)

So I just found out the exhaustive way how to transfer music to my Samsung Galaxy Note preparation for my long haul flight tomorrow to Paris. Turns out you can't simply plug in the USB from my phone to the laptop where the music is at, and drag and drop mp3 music files like I could in Blackberry system.

Turns out there's a buried menu at "Settings" called "USB Utilities" which you'd need to get to first before you can access your SD Card (and it also lets you access the system's internal memory).

So "Settings" (from home page) --> "Wireless and network" --> "USB utilities" --> connect the USB Cable (don't connect it before this) --> Then click "Connect Storage to PC".

Then a pop up window to "Open Folder" will appear or you can simply hit My Computer and see everything there. From there you can drop music files onto your SD card if you already bought one.

Once done, you'd need to un-mount (eject) the USB drive from your laptop by using the remove external hardware thingie and then just press the "Disconnect storage from PC". Then you disconnect the USB cable.

I thought this is noteworthy since I just spent the last hour scouring the web for various solutions - even one that suggests I should disable my SIM card password - and none worked. Till I found this solution after digging through my "phablet". Hope this doesn't happen to anyone else because this was frustrating.

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haslihb said...

hi there!this was indeed helpful being a newbie of both android and galaxy note. keep on blogging!